Remarkable things happen when dedicated space for arts and culture is created within a city.

Cluster development

artSpace will provide an environment to incubate new and established artists, from both a creative perspective and from the business side of art, including exporting their products to outside markets.

An important factor for clustering is health and safety. While individually artists may struggle to afford adequate health and safety equipment this can be overcome by economies of scale – distributing the cost across the many people who will use this facility.


artSpace will provide space for the general public to create art including specific programming for school age children, adults and special interest groups. The goal is to maximize use of classroom space throughout the entire day.

Urban renewal and revitalization

artSpace has identified a number of properties within the City of Saskatoon for potential conversion. The ideal option, and a current priority for the group, is the City’s bus barns located in Caswell Hill and slated to be decommissioned in January 2017.

Community development

An artistic hub is a place where people of all cultures, socio-economic circumstances, and varying levels of education can come together as equals in the enjoyment and pursuit of art and culture.

Economic development

Arts and culture play an important role in wealth creation. A report published by Creative City Network of Canada, Culture as an Economic Engine, found that Culture-based businesses and organizations:

  • provide direct economic benefits
  • create job growth in the cultural sector, expanding the sector as a whole
  • promote and enhance cultural development
  • help foster creative cities and communities
  • improve the ability of urban centres to attract skilled workers
  • help a community distinguish itself based on strong identities, cultures, arts and crafts, etc.
  • help a community gain a competitive advantage as a “destination city” for cultural tourism
  • spawn “spin-off” businesses, fortifying and diversifying the original initiatives’ strengths
  • can lead to subsequent economic regeneration through urban  revitalization

Not only will the artSpace artistic hub have a significant local and provincial draw, this community will serve as educational, conference and workshop space for visiting tourists and artists.  So valuable is the tourism aspect of this project that Tourism Saskatoon has funded the early investigation and planning stage of the artSpace project.