Saskatoon needs a physical location devoted to the creation of art: pottery, woodworking, blacksmithing, jewelry making, glassblowing, painting, printmaking, dance, theatre, and music.

Access to the arts

All across Canada in communities such as Halifax, St. John’s, Toronto, and Winnipeg, the public can take classes or purchase a membership for access to specialized equipment and professional instruction from a skilled artisan. Whether someone is retired, working or a student this approach makes the arts more accessible and affordable to the general public.

Permanent, affordable, working/creative studio space

artSpace plans to provide group and individual studio space below the current market rate by generating revenue from the rental of additional space to retail/small businesses at market rent. Revenue will also be realized from classes, programming and membership.

Live and work studio space

By combining micro apartments of approximately 400 square feet with access to studio space tenants will be able to live and work in the same location.


Operated much like a gym with access to equipment and expertise for a monthly fee, Makerspaces help the community unleash their creative spirit and innovative ideas by providing access to shared facilities, equipment and expertise. Users may build a bookshelf or a yard sculpture or they might prototype an invention.

Exhibition, retail, and commercial space

Plans include a wide-range of businesses where each would increase the audience for all within the greater complex such as a gift shop, coffee shop, restaurant, art supply store, graphic design studios and more.

Administrative space for arts organizations

Along with stable/affordable rent, arts organizations will benefit from the synergies of co-locating at the artistic hub. For their clients, the artSpace Office Complex will become one-stop-shopping for the creative community.