artSpace – your creative place

artSpace Saskatoon is a non-profit organization established in 2014.The group was inspired by well-established shared art space projects across North America and beyond. artSpace plans to develop an artistic hub to promote and support creativity, collaboration, and artistic entrepreneurship through:

  • Community involvement
  • Public access for art education
  • Presentation and observation
  • Live and work space
  • Gallery and retail spaces
  • Art-inspired recreation space

our Mission Statement:

“artSpace Saskatoon Inc. creates accessible opportunities through the integration of arts, culture, and community. artSpace is an affordable place for local artists and provincial arts organizations to interact and grow. artSpace promotes public awareness of the contribution of the arts to Saskatoon’s cultural, social, and economic success.”

Saskatoon is home to many successful communities of artists, designers, performers and makers as well as creative guilds, associations, and collaboratives. Having one, central public location to connect these creative people would enrich and inspire the communities thereby benefiting our city, and shaping it for a more vibrant future.

artSpace believes that creating one recognizable and accessible location will provide significant rewards to the arts, culture, and economy of Saskatoon and will accomplish many of the goals set out by the City’s plan for growth.

“The goal of the Urban Design Program is to make Saskatoon competitive, livable, healthy, inclusive and distinctive. Programs and projects are established to help the economy thrive while facilitating creativity and innovation…. And to establish a competitive edge for Saskatoon by creating a distinctive city with a strong identity and sense of place”

— City of Saskatoon Cultural Plan


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